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Add features to make Doozy UI more Console/Gamepad Friendly




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    Alexandru Mares

    Hi Ahmed,

    We have been working on upgrading this for a while now and we are happy to tell you that DoozyUI version 2.9.2 will come with the exact features you are looking for.
    We've upgraded to UIButton to work with any type of button or controller. You will be able to customize your input as you see fit (see gif).

    DoozyUI version 2.9.2 is in testing right now and we'll release it as soon as we deem it stable.


    Is this the functionality you were looking for?


  • Ahmed Abdullah

    Yes this looks great!

    So I think you're now covered for 2 of the 3 basic navigation options for gamepads. This definitely should cover submitting on a button. And the other you're good on is navigating from button to button with a gamepad since the Unity framework already handles that pretty nicely.

    Now I think the only thing missing to complete the basics of gamepad navigation is the "Back" button. So hitting something like a "B" button and navigating back to the last screen.

    The Navigation UI as I understand handles backwards navigation from either hitting a button named "Back" (which I'm not too sure how to configure this in the editor on the latest version) or hitting ESC key. It would be nice to bring a simple Navigation UI component into the editor to define what event will trigger this.

    Right now, we currently take a similar approach and anytime the "Cancel" event is called, it serves as our back command on all our buttons. 

    For any button I want to enable the ability for the user to signal a "Back" command, I call my own script:

    public void BackButton()
           uiManager.SendButtonAction(DUI.BACK_BUTTON_NAME, UIButton.ButtonActionType.OnClick);

    I personally don't find this process to be too bad since I'm really comfortable with your framework, but I can see newcomers having a harder time with this. So I guess the ask is having a more intuitive way to leverage a gamepad button press for going backwards. I can also see this being good for mobile to be flexible on what defines a "Back" command. Maybe a screen swipe in the opposite direction is a common back command.

    Lastly, the key for this to work well in my opinion, is to include a previous feature request I put in that I believe you responded saying it's being planned.

    Its making sure that when a player goes back to the previous screen, it keeps track of the last button selected on that previous screen, or at worst, select the default button. Unlike mobile applications, game console UI will always have something something selected by default (This was fixed in 2.9), and I believe keeps track of each previous selection when navigating backwards.

    Big fan of the app, it's definitely key to our navigation system, I'm happy to keep giving feedback to make it better!

  • Alexandru Mares

    Hi Ahmed,

    We've looked into your suggestions and implemented a new feature in the UIManager. Starting with version 2.9.2 you'll have the option of setting your custom 'Back' button input mode (either a KeyCode or a Virtual Button Name - set in Unity's default Input Manager).

    This feature (pictured above) has gone through the testing process and it working as intended.

    As soon as all the tests for version 2.9.2 are successful, we'll release it.


    As usual, any other suggestions are always welcomed! :)


  • Ahmed Abdullah

    Yup this is perfect, Thanks!

  • Nicholas Balanda


    I have just recently acquired Doozy UI and it is pretty awesome, but my game is more gamepad/keyboard based, and although the navigation and back button works well, there is no animation and audio getting triggered on button selected and submitted. Is this still being developed?

    All the best!!!  


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