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Remove the user's need to create a category and name for each UI object.



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    Alexandru Mares


    Your idea sounds interesting, but it would require direct references. We implemented DoozyUI as it is now taking into account that a designer (or a team) should be able to use it without knowing what and where UIElements, UIButtons, UICanvases are referenced. That is why we have the category/name database that are human readable.

    If you create a complex UI, a developer that does not have a lot of experience or is new to the project can get lost, if we use just references. Also, instead of using a category/name pair (that are easy to read and understand - thus saving you development time), a reference based system is more efficient, but less versatile (as one cannot have cross scene references).

    The idea of using the Object.GetInstanceID is nice in theory, but how can you (the developer) show let's say the SettingsMenu without having a reference. Lets go even further, and assume that some parts of your UI are in different scenes, how can you know how to show them without references.

    These are just some of the things that we took into consideration when designing this system. Sure, it has its pluses and minuses, and we are open to any suggestions, but we have to take into account all the other developers that are currently using the system in their projects and make sure that an update will not impact their UI (or at least minimize the effects as much as possible).

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your idea, but at the moment we do not see a way of implementing these kind of changes that alter the asset to a considerable degree.


    Kind Regards,

    Alexandru Mares

    Doozy Entertainment

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