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Use scripting under certain circumstances?



  • Johndonov

    Please ignore this post. Just occurred to me that I simply have to code Dotween tweeners to do what I want. I can only plead that it was a long day and I wasn't thinking clearly.

  • Alexandru Mares

    Hi Johndonov,


    You do have API calls available and they are described in the manual.

    For example you can show an UIElement simply by calling:

    UIManager.ShowUiElement("YourElementName"); //if you use the Uncategorized category name
    UIManager.ShowUiElement("YourElementName", "YourElementCategoryName");
    UIManager.ShowUiElement("YourElementName", "YourElementCategoryName", instantAction); //instantActions tells the animation to happen in zero seconds (if true) and normally (otherwise)

    The same goes for hiding an UIElement.


    Kind Regards,

    Doozy Entertainment

  • Johndonov

    Hi Alexandru


    Thanks for the assistance, much appreciated.


    kind regards

    John Donovan


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