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UI Drawer: Possibility to open and close via Arrow



  • Vincent

    I managed to achieve this by adding graphic raycaster components from ArrowContainer downwards until the 'Arrow' gameObject.

    On the Arrow component I placed a Button with an Image and set that images color to 0 alpha.

    On the button I called the 'toggle'-function on the drawer ui-gameObject.

    It works, but it's not so nice. I'd rather configure it within the UI Drawer.
    Maybe even use a combination of gesture (when opened) and button (when closed).

  • Kris

    I actually sent a support request yesterday, asking if It's possible to reduce the touch area of the Drawer Gestures. I have a horizontal scroll and a Left Drawer, so right now I can't move my scroll to the left since the Drawer opens up.

    Since this is a related thread, does anyone know if this is possible? 


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