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Orientation Manager does not work properly in 2018.1.0f2 version




  • john dose

    If this problem can not been solved, I would more likely to refund.

    I hope this problem can be solve asap. Thank you

  • john dose

    landscape and portrait mode problem have been solved

    but the UInavigation and current orientation problems I am still confusing. If manager have time, hope you can solve this problem

  • Alexandru Mares

    Hi John,


    Can you please open a support ticket and send us some screenshots of your setup. We would like to see the following:

    1. The General Tab of the Control Panel (to see that the Orientation Manager is enabled)

    2. The UIElement set to Landscape (with In and Out animations)

    3. The UIElement set to Portrait (with In and Out animations)

    You might have a setup issue, as we tested the system and it works as expected in Unity 2018.1.0f2



    The system works as follows:

    1. You enable the Orientation Manager from the Control Panel (this will add the OrientationManager gameObject to your scene and detect orientation changes)

    2. Depending on the current orientation, the UIManager will show either the UIElement set to Landscape only, or the one set to Portrait only.

    3. Upon changing the orientation, the UIManager will hide the previous orientation UIElements and show the current orientation ones (the hide is instant and the show is animated).


    Kind Regards,

    Doozy Entertainment


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