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PRESALE QUESTION: UIButton and Complete UI Management System. What's the difference?



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    Alexandru Mares

    Hi Bart,


    We apologize for the late reply, we are currently preparing the next update for DoozyUI (version 2.9.4) that will get released next week and also the next huge upgrade for DoozyUI (version 3.0). As we are a small team, we sometimes miss these kind of requests.


    The UIButton (standalone asset) is a separate implementation for a button component inside Unity. It was created to be used in projects where DoozyUI is NOT installed and where the developer wants to have a very flexible button implementation, but implement his/her own UI management and animation solution.


    That being said, a similar but more relevant implementation of the UIButton can be found in DoozyUI (it has a different implementation that takes into account the UI management system, but it can do everything and a bit more than the standalone version can). Note that our update priority is for DoozyUI as that is used by thousands of developers in every type of imaginable projects, on all platforms.


    We update DoozyUI at least once every one to two months and we have been developing this asset for over 3 years now.


    Should you have any other questions feel free to address them.


    Kind Regards,

    Alexandru Mares

    Doozy Entertainment

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