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UI Drawer




  • Alexandru Mares

    Hi Amir,


    1. Does DoozyUI: Complete UI Management System include UI Drawer?

    No, it does not. This is an optional component needed only by developers that create apps or target mobile only. Thus we did not include it in DoozyUI main package. Also, since Unity does not have a subscription plan available for assets and that we've been developing DoozyUI for over 3 years, we are forced to add modules like this in order to support ourselves.


    2. In the UI Drawer, can I have a static button inside and outside of the drawer?

    Yes you can. We made sure it works with and without a button. Also, you can disable the drawer should you have a screen where you do not want it to be shown. Check out the presentation video where we shot exactly how it's done.


    Did this answer your questions?


    Kind Regards,

    Alexandru Mares

    Doozy Entertainment

  • Amir Levi

    Hi Alexandru,

    Thanks for the detailed answers, I've got my answers :)

    I'm going to buy UI Drawer cause I'm developing mobile applications.

    Although I saw the tutorial about UI Drawer I still have some questions,

    but I think when I feel it more some of the questions if not all of them will be answered.





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