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Issues with Unity 2018.2 & Splash Screen on iOS



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  • Alexandru Mares

    Hi Sean,

    We tested this on our side with a quick build of a skeleton project, on a Mac on an iPhone running 11.4.1, and could not reproduce your issue.
    May we please take a look at your scene? We need to see its setup in order to be able to further investigate this issue. It might just be a settings issue and we would like to be sure about that before we dive deeper into the code to see if the splash screen does anything to the system. Also we would like to know about your build index order and how your scenes are structured to have a complete picture.

    We're also ok to sign an NDA for your project, should you require that.

    We await to hear from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Alexandru Mares
    Doozy Entertainment


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