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Error while exporting to Android



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    Alexandru Mares



    If you changed the target platform, you need to enable Playmaker Support again. When you enabled it for the first time, it added a scripting define symbol to your currently selected target platform. Upon changing it to, you are missing the scripting define symbol needed to have those scripts (actions) available.

    How to fix it:

    Method 1: GoTo -> Tools/DoozyUI/ControlPanel and enable Playmaker Support

    Method 2: GoTo -> Tools/DoozyUI/ControlPanel -> open the View/Edit: 'Android' Scripting Define Symbols zone -> Click the '+' button and type 'dUI_PlayMaker' -> Click 'Save Changes to Symbols List'

    Method 3:GoTo -> Edit/Project Settings/Player -> look in the Inspector -> open the 'Other Settings' tab -> look for the 'Scripting Define Symbols' box -> add 'dUI_PlayMaker' -> click Enter (or Return)


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