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2.9.4 won't install



  • Mike W

    Assuming it's specific to Vuforia install version if it ever worked for you? That's the only asset I don't use and I'm able to get this to work without issue in your Unity version and the most recent Unity release on Hub using multiple other assets alongside it (about 4GB of randomness and Doozy installed last or just after DOTween as a test).. Wish I could be of more assistance but I just bought this asset myself..

    Did this asset work before you updated Vuforia?

  • Alan Somerville

    Yes and No. 

    I was able to install Doozy UI in the previous versions of Unity, Vuforia and DOTween. However, whenever I added a Doozy UI Canvas, Vuforia failed to initialize. The sole purpose of buying Doozy was to provide an easier way to build the interface for my Vuforia prototype. 

    If you are unable to fix the Doozy/Vuforia problem, I would like to request a refund.

    Thanks, Alan 


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