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Press ESC is returning to the main menu.



  • Rafael

    Nobody? 20 days and waiting :(

  • Alexandru Mares

    Hi Rafael,

    We apologize for the slow response time. We currently do not actively monitor the forum as we're very active in testing the alpha version of DoozyUI 3.0 (the next major version).
    As for your question, depending on your setup you can cancel the back button in the following ways:
    1. If, when navigating from the 'MainMenu', you do not want to allow the user to return (via the Back button or ESC key), then do not set 'add to Navigation History' as true
    2. If you have a particular case where you do not want the Back button to work, then send a game event 'DisableBackButton'. And when you want to reverse this, send another game event 'EnableBackButton'

    Please tell us if this fixed your issue.

    Kind Regards,

    Alexandru Mares


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